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Spring 2014, Vol. XII, No. 2

  • Stories from Beyond the Courtroom: Repeating the Same Mistakes, by Deborah Wood Blevins
  • The Power of Apology, by Betsy Trainor
  • Deals that Last: 5 Factors that Make Them Stick, by Ken Rosenbaum
  • Book review: "Client Science," by Paula Marie Young

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Winter 2013-14, Vol. XII, No. 1

  • Metrics that Matter, by Kimberly P. Fauss
  • Legislative Initiative, by Megan Johnston
  • Brave New World for Forging the Future, by Malcolm Thomas
  • Congratulations to John McCammon and Mark Rubin

Spring 2013, Vol. XI, No. 2

  • Baseball Arbitration: Not just for Baseball, by Jeffrey S. Stern, reprinted with permission from Virginia Lawyers Weekly
  • Mediation Safety after Arizona Shooting, by Peter Vieth, reprinted with permission from Virginia Lawyers Weekly
  • Mediation for the Next Generation, by Jared Mangum, Jeff Einhaus and Tim Archer
  • Amendment to Confidentiality Statute,by Sally P. Campbell

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Winter 2012-13, Vol. XI, No. 1

  • What Mediators Can Learn from the New Research on Priming and the Unconscious Activation of Mental Processes, by Jane Juliano
  • Litigation Prenups, by Daniel B. Winslow
  • Ambiguity in the Confidentiality Statute, by Sam Jackson
  • Social Media Survey. Please tell us about your use and preferences regarding social media so we can best reach our members. Respond by Feb. 1, 2013.

Spring 2012, Vol. X, No. 2

  • Civility—A Tool for All Practitioners. Hon. Rosemarie Annunziata examines the importance of words as a bedrock principle for fostering civility. 
  • Why Apologize? Kimberly P. Fauss increases awareness of the pivotal role of the apology in conflict resolution through the lens of neuroscience.
  • The Limits of Rationality: Effective Conversations with Difficult Individuals. Jonathan E. Kaufmann discusses how mediators can keep the process moving.
  • Mediation in the Workers' Compensation Commission, by Deputy Commissioner Deborah Wood Blevins.
  • The Case for Separate Settlement Counsel in the ADR Process, by Alan Rudlin.

Winter 2012, Vol. X, No. 1

  • Reflecting on Three Decades of Family Mediation: An Interview with Lawrence D. Gaughan, one of Virginia's first professional mediators.
  • Healthcare ADR, by Jeanne Franklin. The imperative need for cooperative planning in healthcare.
  • Win-Win: Top 10 Tips for Mediation Advocacy Competitions, by Faith Alejandro & Paul Falabella
  • Recent revisions to the Joint ADR Committee's Bylaws

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Spring 2011, Vol. IX, No. 2

  • Civil Cases and the Collaborative Process: Virginia update, by P. Marshall Yoder & Donita M. King
  • Good Reads: An ADR Reading List, featuring works by John Lande, Ellen Waldman, Lisa Herrick, Susan Shearhouse, Eric Galton, and Lela Love.
  • The End of Class Action Arbitration?
  • Other topics include: ADR Developments from the cases of Intersections, Inc. v. Loomis and United States v. Tessa Structures LLC, the adopted revisions to the Virginia Standards of Ethics & Professional Responsibility, and more!

Fall 2010, Vol. IX, No. 1

  • The New Use of an Old Tool: The Judge Pro Tem Statute, by Robert W. Wooldridge, Jr.
  • Stretch Your Mediation Wings: School-Based Restorative Justice, by David T. Deal
  • 24th Judicial District Sets Pace for J&DR Mediation, by Stephen C. Martin
  • Other topics include: ADR Case Studies, National Mediation Month, and more!

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Summer 2010, Vol. VIII, No. 2

  •  ADR Innovations at Virginia Law Schools, by Sam Jackson
  •  Across the Bridge, by Marcia K. Thompson
  •  Book Review of "Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive," by Noah J. Goldstein, Steve J. Martin, and Robert B. Cialdini
  •  Other topics include recent developments in ADR and discussion of Stolt-Nielsen v. Animalfeeds Int'l Corp, regarding class action arbitrations, and more!

Winter 2009/2010, Vol. VIII, No. 1 

  •  New Skills for Lawyers as ADR Counselors and Gatekeepers, by Jeanne F. Franklin
  •  An Overview of the Virginia State Bar's Fee Dispute Resolution Program, by Geetha Ravindra
  •  Uniform Collaborative Law Act Under Consideration
  •  J.D. v. Kanawha County Board of Education: Settlement Proposals in Mediation Deemed Confidential
  •  Other topics include a preview of popular CLE, Mastering the Art of Advocacy in ADR: Tips and Techniques for the Skilled Practitioner, ADR in State Government, and more!

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Winter 2008, Vol. VII, No. 1

  • Partnering to Reduce Conflict: Leadership Lessons from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, by Lee L. Anderson, Jr. and Brian D. Polkinghorn
  • Perreault v. The Free Lance-Star: Addressing Mediation Confidentiality in Wrongful Death Settlements
  • Other topics include changes to the Circuit Court Mediation program, Developments in Health Care Dispute Resolution, and more! 

Spring 2008, Vol. VI, No. 2

  • Establishing a Mediation Practice: Advice for Lawyers, by Robert W. Hassold, Jr.
  • Recent Case Law Addressing Mediated Settlements, compiled by Rosemarie Annunziata
  • "Mama Loved Me Best!": The Challenges and Nuances of Estate Mediation, by Joseph G. Jarret
  • Other topics include Joint Committee's Position on a proposed UPL Opinion regarding the representation of a client by a non-lawyer CPA, Confidentiality in Mediation Discussions, and Virginia's Executive Branch ADR Initiative, and more!

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Winter 2007, Vol. VI, No. 1

  •  Restorative Justice in Virginia, by David M. Saunier and Rebecca Moyer,
  •  Ten Things Mediators Hate to Hear, by Sheldon J. Stark and Stuart M. Israel
  •  Five Suggestions for Neutrals with Culturally Diverse Participants, by Donita M. King
  •  Other topics include Geetha Ravindra's Departure from the Supreme Court's Dispute Resolution Services, ABA Ethics Opinion Approval of Collaborative Law, and more!

Spring 2007, Vol. V, No. 2

  • Breaking Impasse-and Breaking Bread-at Regional Meetings
  • A Tale of Two Cases: Employment Mediation Practice in an Imperfect World, by Jonathan Kaufmann
  • Marketing Your Mediation Practice, a Review of "How to Make Money as a Mediator (and Create Value for Everyone)" by Jeffrey Krivis and Naomi Lucks
  • Other topics include ABA Representation in Mediation Competition, Mediation Ethics Review, Underground Utility Damage Mediation Pilot Program, Custody Pro Bono Mediation Project, Arbitration and more!

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Fall 2006, Vol. V, No. 1

  • The Dispute Resolution Continuum, by Kimberly Fauss
  • Mandatory Mediation in the Fourth Circuit: Making It Work, by Thomas F. Ball III
  • Fitting the Ethics to the Forum: A Bold Proposal, by Larry Hoover – A Review of Robert C. Bordone’s Essay “Fitting the Ethics to the Forum: A Proposal for Process-Enabling Ethical Codes”
  • American Bar Association Committee Addresses Truthfulness in Caucused Mediation
  • Other topics include New Statewide Collaborative Law Group, Futures Commission on ADR, and more!


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"My involvement with the Joint Committee has been thoroughly satisfying. It's been a wonderful opportunity to get together with other practitioners, to learn about new developments in the field and to work with a wonderful group of dedicated professionals on important ADR initiatives."

— Sam Jackson, chair of Joint ADR Committee 2010-12, member since 2001



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